Replace a Missing Munzee with a Generic Code




  • theirishduo

    Ah, THAT'S how you do it!  

  • Jennifer Battan

    Do I have to use a sticker?  Is there any way I can replace with one I print myself?

  • Bangkokian

    Is this what I have to do with munzees purchased from the shop.? 

  • 123aglrmc Lane

    Yes, this is how to swap a torn / damaged / or missing Munzee with one from the Munzee store.  The Munzee you buy from their store are best!!!

  • Irelandgirl58

    I need to replace a munzee that I made a motel munzee. No one gas been able to cap it since I deployed it. It's a mini that no one but me has been able to scan. I want to keep it a motel but I need to replace the game piece. How do I do that without losing the motel?

  • Christopher Hartman

    Teri, replacing it does not change it's type as it says right next to the place to insert the new code. You can replace it and it will not convert it back to a greeny!

  • Joseph Ayers

    The instructions are a little vague.  I think it would be more helpful here "7: Fill in generic code /g/XXXXXX  at bottom and save" if the whole generic code was shown.  Also, there are new instructions that apply to Premium members...this would be a good place to put those instructions too!


  • Joyce Neilsen

    Ok, so say you stick a generic on a pole where a munzee went missing, followed the correct steps to replace the generic code, however applied it to the wrong munzee.  Can you unlink it from the wrong munzee and apply it to the correct munzee?

  • 4Hollys

    What if a munzee was painted over? It was put on a US postal box. They were recently repainted.

  • Kate6985

    It may be useful to add some instructions on how to replace a damaged/missing munzee for another player, ie, someone who cannot easily get back to the location to replace themselves. 

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