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coachV November 2, 2013 Getting Started

As a Munzee player I agree to:

  • Follow all local, state, and federal laws while hunting and deploying Munzees.
  • Be respectful of all property, both public and private - *seeking permission when needed
  • Be responsible of the local environment and thoughtful of how others looking for my munzees may impact the environment.
  • Be responsible with/for my deployed Munzees
  • Encourage safe, responsible, and ethical gameplay in any other players that I meet
  • Remember my actions represent a fun outdoor family activity.  "Would others want to join the game based on my actions?"

*Clarification to seeking permission (only a few grand scale examples) : Disney property = off limits because you will not receive permission and they are very secure.  All theme parks are off limits unless you receive permission which should be written in the notes. Government buildings and airports are also off limits. Only official Virtual Munzees may be placed in these locations for safety.  New example as of October 2014: Prime, Chelsea, and Tanger Outlet malls in the United States have strict guidelines and security teams that monitor frequently all activity on their property. Prior permission is required, but will most likely NOT be allowed by management. Munzee Inc is not responsible for actions of players on these or any other properties where permission is required.

 Prohibited Actions

  • Players are not allowed to publicly (or privately) share their munzee barcodes or secret codes - unless they are social munzees. *Exception: friendly field maintenance for a player who can't maintain*
  • Munzees are to be physically present at the location you specify on the map.  Adjustment of coordinates for misplaced munzees needs to be completed ASAP.  If more than 500 feet send the code and coords to support@munzee.com
  • Munzee players must be physically present at the location during capture or deploy. No sharing user information for ghost capture or using other means to teleport to multiple locations (Mock GPS or other means).  While team/family play is encouraged, please do not send members of a team (registered to and using a single account) to multiple locations all over a city at the same time.  COMMON SENSE ADDITION: YOUR FAMILY or TEAM MAY NOT CAPTURE ACROSS THE COUNTY, STATE, PROVINCE, COUNTRY, or WORLD with one account. One account is meant to be used in one location by a team, not spread over a large distance.  This is a great case for creating individual accounts.
  • Abuse of premium feature - 3 accounts per phone.  If more than one account is in use, each player must be present.
  • Munzees can not be deployed or housed within 150ft of another munzee by the same player.
  • Munzees can not be deployed or housed within 50ft of another munzee by a different player.
  • No more than one munzee per container/location, regardless of who the munzee owner is. *Exclusions for those placed before proximity rules put in place. (mid year 2012)*
  • No deploying Munzees on educational campuses used for students under age 18*.  In addition, deployments should not be placed on or near playground equipment in parks.  *Exclusions available with prior consent from school administration and MHQ*
  • Abuse of offline queue (Excessive upload). Storing captures or deploys in the queue in preparation for a special points day or weekend is strictly prohibited. Points will be removed.   *Offline queue is a backup tool, not designed for primary use. Use as necessary when data/wifi is not accessible*
  • Use of mock GPS app, device, program or any means of using fake location data for the purpose of capture or deploy.
  • Abusive language, bullying, stalking, or inappropriate naming of Munzees.  Applies to journal entries, forums, messaging features.
  • Creation of fake accounts. Each account must be created by the person in possession. Fake account and all associated points will be removed permanently with primary account holder receiving one month ban.   *Exception: School-aged children accompanied by consenting adult*
  • Use of a Munzee (of any kind) to raise funds for personal projects or fundraisers is not permitted without full permission from Team Munzee.  This includes links from Munzee to external fundraising sites, use of Munzee capture as a reward for contribution, or any other act deemed inappropriate use by MHQ.
  • Unauthorized use of trademark or copyright image/design/logo/information on deployed Munzee skins.

Violation of any part of this Code of Conduct will result in a full ban for an undetermined period of time based on severity of violation (minimum seven days) at the sole discretion of MHQ.  Ban applies to the app, website, forums, and player will not earn any residual points during the ban.  If you are in a clan, you will be removed for the current battle, points removed from clan score, and no replacement player will be added.


Munzee reserves the right to take action against player activity that it considers, in its sole discretion, offensive, objectionable, irresponsible, violative of the Player Code of Conduct or in any other way inappropriate for the Munzee community and game. Specifically, we may take action against any player activity that could be considered: - Abusive, hateful, discriminatory, dangerous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or attacking others. Actions that may fall under "cyber-bullying" are taken seriously by Munzee. We recommend all players familiarize themselves with http://cyberbullying.us/cyberbullying-laws/ -cyberbullying happens to people of all ages and will not be tolerated. - Vulgar, obscene, sexually suggestive, or otherwise offensive - Fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, unlawful, spam or solicitations of any kind - Violations of player privacy and invasive observation of player activity ("stalking", in-game and via Munzee supported properties. This includes activity not in compliance with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions) - Deliberate disruption of gameplay, events, or player activity.

updated: April 9, 2015