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NFC Munzees

posted this on August 31, 2012, 11:04

 nfc_2x.pngThe NFC munzee features Near Field Communication technology which utilizes wireless data transfer. Instead of using your camera to read a QR code, an NFC capable phone can capture an NFC munzee simply by being held close to it. The NFC tags are very thin stickers and allow for very creative types of hides.

NFC Capable?

To capture or deploy an NFC munzee, your phone must support NFC technology. There are millions of Android phones shipping a week with NFC support and it is rumored that the iPhone 6 will be support NFC. Want to check and see if your device is NFC capable? Download the latest version of Munzee from Google Play, and try to deploy a Munzee. If you get an option to deploy NFC or deploy QR code, then your phone is capable; if you go straight into scanning mode with the camera when you tap deploy, your device does not have NFC support.


To capture an NFC munzee, a player must simply hold their phone within a few centimeters of where the NFC tag is located. Your phone has to be turned on and unlocked but the Munzee app doesn't have to be running. Your phone will automatically open munzee when it detects the NFC tag. NOTE: You must have NFC enabled on your phone and it must be supported by your phone.

NFC uses very little battery consumption as opposed to GPS which is a huge. There are no battery life concerns with leaving NFC enabled. 


An NFC munzee is deployed the same way a regular munzee is deployed. Inside the app, go to the Deploy Munzee section and your unique munzee code will be written and locked onto the NFC game piece.

Scoring for NFC Munzees:

Same as regular munzees

How to obtain:

You can also use your own NFC tags as long as they are Type-2, which means they can be locked. 


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