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Birthday Cake Munzees

posted this on July 1, 2012, 13:42

To celebrate Munzees birthday, a special Birthday Cake Munzee is being released in the wild. There will be a limited amount of these deployed around the world and they behave very differently than other specials!

Once a Birthday Cake munzee has been captured it will then randomly jump to another deployed munzee in the world. This will happen every time the Birthday Cake is captured. Watch the map for one to show up in your area!

If a Birthday Cake munzee goes 12 hours without being captured, it will randomly jump to a new munzee. These will not stay in one place for long so watch them closely!

The Birthday Cake munzees will be running wild for all of July. Good luck and have fun!

Capture Points: 100

Munzee owner Points: 10

Note: You can not capture your own munzee if it is a Birthday Cake.


cakeXL.png cupcake2_XL.png

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